Life is Special, Family are Special – You are Special!

I’m over 60 years young so I have been around and appreciate the important things in life. I have discovered they’re not material possessions but PEOPLE who are in, and pass through, our life.

I live in Hatfields Beach, Orewa where I have a little home studio but am surrounded by beautiful beaches, countryside and stunning natural backdrops in which to ply my trade.
How lucky can one be to be able to offer a formal studio or a more natural setting for less formal portraits?

I am very happy to travel anywhere to meet your needs – I love seeing new places and meeting new people.

My background is diverse with a lot of unusual experiences and I have often been encouraged to write a blog/book about it but just never got down to doing it believing no-one would read it.
In all honesty though I should as my children and grandchildren might like to know more about me.

“Maybe I will one day …”  you’ve probably said the same thing about having your photograph taken.

More about me (but only if you are interested and possibly bored)

But right now let’s discuss how I can help you …

I promise:

My job is to make you feel safe, comfortable, and totally at ease so that you can forget any fears of the camera and enjoy your experience.

Not only will you have a fun day but I will also create a portrait, capture a moment and produce a memory of you as you are today.

After all today is as good as it gets so let’s celebrate it for whatever reason.

I find “just because” is the best reason ever but you may like to celebrate a special occasion such as a milestone in your life, reaching a particular goal, overcoming an illness or “just because!”

Whatever it is let’s do it – today, tomorrow may be too late.

I want to make sure that you, your family, and your friends love the portrait that captures exactly what you want to portray and that you want to come back for more – just because.

To do this I need to know more about you and understand what it is you want to achieve – hence my insistence on meeting you at least once before we have the session.

We are all different and we all move differently with our individual quirks and idiosyncrasies (is that the right word?), different life experiences, different tastes etc.

All these things help me to produce an image that is uniquely you, a portrait that friends, family or business associates will recognise as you and your special characteristics.

It’s what I do!

I Understand …

I fully understand the reluctance most of us have when faced with a camera so, as I said above, my job is to make you feel comfortable and put you at ease so that you can enjoy the experience.

I understand how to use the technology within my camera, know about lighting, understand angles and shapes, and how to pose you to your best advantage.

Do I know “it all”?

Most certainly not there is always something new to learn and master and to this end I am always studying my craft.  I spend my  spare time youtubing, Pinteresting (lots of ideas come from there!) watching numerous posing and lighting videos and reading books.

I find every industry is a bit like an onion; as you peel away one layer you find there is another layer waiting to be exposed and studied and another below that.

Let’s do it – JUST BECAUSE!

Hear from you soon,

Contact me today to book your appointment, and let me and my stylist and make-up artist show the rest of your family and friends the timeless splendour of the real you.