Lawrence, Linda, Frans, Jay-Dee and Marilyn.
Note older brother’s dirty bare-feet and younger sister’s superior, but bored, attitude!

A few more bits about me.

In case you were interested.

I am Rhodesian born and bred and as such I had the most amazing childhood growing up on what was, by Rhodesian standards, a small 5000 acre farm.

The middle child of 5 – Boy, girl, boy, girl, boy – how’s that for planning?

The photo shown here was taken on a family outing to Pretoria Zoo (South Africa) and is in front of a false backdrop.  The photographer was set-up outside the entrance and was taking photos of families as they visited the zoo.
I often wonder how well he did – it was certainly a good spot to be set-up with an endless supply of potential customers.

Rhodesia is now called Zimbabwe but we won’t go there …

  • I went to boarding school from the age of 6 – its what all farming families did in Rhodesia – and a I loved every minute of it.
  • School holidays were spent doing real hard work on the farm – probably why I loved boarding school.
  • I left Rhodesia at age 22 and move to Johannesburg where I spent my adult working life as a Financial Adviser.
  • At age 44 (1999) we moved to New Zealand – what a fabulous place this is to live.
  • I have two adult children (boy, girl – continuing the family tradition) who are both happily married.
  • I have always been sporty having played golf, tennis, squash, rugby, cricket, swimming and run marathons.
  • I play bridge – just started that again recently.
  • I have written 3 golf coaching books on “The Short Game” in Kindle format available on Amazon
  • I am a qualified golf coach although no longer coach or play due to arthritis.
  • I picked up a camera again after giving up golf (I used to develop my own photos in the old ‘film’ days before life got in the way).
  • Being a child of Africa I much prefer summer to winter.
  • Africa seems to be in my blood and I love watching animal programmes of all sorts.
  • I use a Nikon camera which I love.
  • I bought Nikon because it was on special for 24 hours.
  • I am spontaneous.
  • I love reading – mostly crime novels.  That might be sinister right there!
  • I enjoy movies – even girlie movies, funny enough.
  • I only ever watch live sport on TV – I feel stupid getting excited about a recorded program even if I don’t know the result.
  • I love travelling – I have travelled a fair amount but would like to do even more.
  • I am told I have a good sense of humour – I find that funny.
  • I see the positive in all things.
  • I love coffee and do my own roasting prior. My day starts with a coffee making ritual.
  • I’d love to do a dream location portrait one day for a client who has always wanted to be photographed somewhere special. Why not?
  • I don’t see enough of my children.
  • I find life is so demanding of our time that we spend far too little of it actually contemplating it and enjoying each moment.
  • I find politics and religion interesting subjects but that people get far too emotional and personal when discussing either.

I find this font very boring!

I have never.

  • Jumped out of a perfectly functioning aeroplane
  • Bungy jumped – are you crazy or what?
  • Been sailing – would love to though
  • Been to Venice – go on hire me for a photo session there. We could do a journalistic type one.  😉
  • Scuba Dived
  • Been on a cruise – this list is depressing me so I am going to stop as I obviously have tons of things I still want to do!  🙂