A Boutique Portrait Experience

Our focus is on capturing the essence and character of our clients which translates to much more than just a photo shoot.

Besides capturing your unique style and personality we want to give you an experience you won’t forget.

You can expect to spend at total of 6 – 8 hours with us; starting from the initial phone call, the pre-consultation and planning appointment to the photographic session, the reveal, selection of your art and finally the delivery or collection of your finished product.

We will spend several more hours editing, composing/compiling and ordering product on your behalf.

Step 1 – The First Contact

Following your initial enquiry we will contact you by phone to discuss your needs and our services. This initial telephone conversation is an essential part of our 5 step process and is designed to ascertain if we are the right fit for you.

All being as expected we then set up a time to get together and work out finer details during a planning and booking session.
It is important that all interested parties are available for the pre-consult and planning session and the reveal and selection meeting.


Step 2 – Pre-consult and Planning Session.

Getting to know each other prior to your session is a great advantage for both parties.

For you it is the opportunity to meet the photographer and for us it gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your family and to determine exactly what it is you want.

We will guide you in terms of wardrobe choices and things to do (and not do) prior to the session.

Photo sessions generally take place Tuesday through Saturday and, due to New Zealand’s long summer and short winter days, times vary with the seasons.
Saturdays are obviously the most popular and we advise taking a day off if necessary to ensure a weekday option. In addition Hair and Make-Up Artists are harder to secure and more expensive on Saturdays due to the high demand created by weddings.

A booking fee of $100 is required to reserve your session in our schedule, this amount will be refunded or can be used as credit towards any purchase you make on the day of your selection and design consultation. The fee will not be refunded or credited in the event of you cancelling within 7 days of your booked session. We feel this is a fair way to partially compensate us for the loss of opportunity caused by a late cancellation.

We will discuss hair and make-up (HMUA) and we strongly urge you to use our HMUA lady. This service not only makes a tremendous difference to your photos but enhances the enjoyment of your special day. HMUA will cost $175 (Saturdays $275) and is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation or postponement  less than 7 days out from the session.

A range of the products we offer will also be shown to you at this meeting.

We offer a 20% savings with our Advanced Credit Purchase Scheme – but you have to ask for it at this meeting.

Step 3 – The Day of the Session

Please get enough sleep the night before.  🙂

Hair and Make-up

This is your day …

Although we take our business seriously the day is and should be a whole lot of fun.

We start with Hair and make-up and a bit of pampering.  Why not? It really helps set the tone for a wonderful and fun experience.

We will go through the outfits you’ve selected and plan your shoot around them and what we discussed at your pre-consult.

By the time your HMUA is complete we will be ready to shoot and we encourage you to help us go at a pace you are comfortable with.  Breaks for juice, water, tea or coffee are encouraged to keep you hydrated and your skin looking good.

No two sessions are ever the same but we should be done in under 2 hours from when we start taking photographs.

Once again some of the products we offer will be available to look at.

Finally we will send you off with what will be some great memories of a wonderful day and we hope you take advantage of your gorgeous make-over and go to dinner; it would be such a waste not to take advantage of it.

Of course this last comment may not apply to guys who have come in for business or marketing portraits but hey – still treat yourself to an outing. No reason the day should end early.  🙂

Step 4 – Reveal and Selection

reveal and selection
Reveal and Selection

We will call you to arrange viewing and selection of portraits within 2 weeks of your session.Reveals are done via a slideshow or temporarily matted images.

After selecting your favourite images, we will help and guide you as to the best way to display each photo, turning them into original pieces of art that you will love for years to come.

Payment must be made and cleared prior to us ordering the final, confirmed product.

We use only professional print labs and framers. Subject to their workloads, your selections will be completed and ready for delivery or collection as soon as possible.

The products we offer are designed to meet everyone’s style and budget. Matted prints start at $150 each, wall art starts at $450 and collections start at $900

As an indication our average customers spend around the $1400 mark but you are under no obligation to purchase anything.

Step 5 – Collecting Your Artwork

Once the product arrives from our artisan vendors we will check to see that it is perfect before calling you and arranging for you to come and collect it or for us to deliver it.

Seeing the finished artwork is always a thrill for our clients so be prepared to cry (again!)  🙂

Step 6 – Keep in Touch

We sincerely hope this is not the end of our relationship.

We will keep you up to date with our special offers and events from time to time but please feel free to contact us whenever you like.

And please refer us to your friends.

Thank you, we appreciate your business.